take our lean for leaders

Lean Six Sigma courses designed and delivered by Lean Consulting are unique, our blended knowledge of Lean, Lean Six Sigma, Systems Thinking and Intervention Design are what makes our courses Best in Class.

For organisations that are on or about to start a Lean Six Sigma journey, it is essential that the leadership are equipped to deal with a different set of operational challenges that will emerge. To assume that leaders will ‘get it’ is a huge error. Careful coaching and teaching of leaders is the key to Lean Six Sigma success.

Most often the measures used in business are designed to serve that business, in a customer-centric Lean Six Sigma world, measures tend to evolve towards the things that matter to service users, these are usually developed onto a Statistical Process Control chart, Leaders need training on these things alongside other common techniques to determine likely root causes of waste and poor service, with the aim to eliminate them. Leaders supporting this method of working need to be equipped with different skills to prevent them from reverting back to the traditional leadership function. The real key is for leaders to fully grasp that by investing in gaining robust knowledge of the business from the customers’ perspective, makes all the decisions thereafter simpler.

When you send a leader on to our course, you’ll get a trained leader who is more ‘other-centred’, both in terms of staff, but most importantly customers. A good awareness of the techniques associated with Lean Six Sigma, and the ability to positively challenge Lean Six Sigma projects from the scope, inception through to close off.