The Lean Six Sigma for Leaders course is a workshop designed to help senior leaders practically understand the impact that Lean Six Sigma can have on their processes when ran ‘in house’ we can flex the course to work around internal opportunities.

Our simulations can be used to replicate a number of different scenarios e.g. a flawed design of work, or busy service that does not deliver things that satisfy the customer need. We also have a simulation to help Leaders appreciate the need to understand and eliminate variation from the work.

The relationships between the simulations and the real workplace issues are very powerful, the Lean Six Sigma for Leaders course is the key to un-tapping the power of Lean Methodology. We demonstrate how processes are typically run in organisations and as a group, we develop and implement process improvements to eradicate waste and non-value added activities.

We would recommend the Lean Six Sigma for Leaders course ahead of any intervention to allow leaders to prepare themselves for upcoming projects of change. Using the hierarchy in this interactive training session can prove very effective at building relationships across the business, resolving any potential fears within the leadership population of change and making absolutely crystal clear the intent of Senior Leaders to drive change through the business.

We build the course around the operational problem(s) you are trying to solve, minimum recommended time ½ a day, and typically it can run for up to 1 whole day.

Running the Lean Six Sigma for Leaders as a public course has a profound effect on delegates as they observe that their organisation is very similar to every other one, the richness of the interactions between delegates makes the course unforgettable.