Benefit of Lean for Leaders

Using Lean Consulting’s Lean Six Sigma for Leaders’ course benefits both current and potential leaders within your organisation. Leading in a Lean environment requires the same basic skills of people management, but done in a whole new way, often counter-intuitive to the traditional leader.

Essentially, ‘improvement’ is keenly connected to culture change, if the leadership don’t embrace that, then often the ‘change people’ quickly leave the business has acquired the skills to deliver change, moving to a place where they feel more valued. This is why we have created the Lean Six Sigma for Leaders course, firstly to help Leaders see the power of the method, secondly to help them consider the ways in which individuals may need support through the process, and thirdly, to help them to develop strategies to cope with the emerging changes to the design of work.

Operational delivery of the newly redesigned ways of working will quickly become ‘business as usual’, that will require leadership to run the new designs of work, as the change agent moves on to their next project it would be a really bad idea to leave a vacuum of understanding to lead the work. Leaders need to be prepared for this new challenge.

Further, redesigns of work often require ‘Better Measures’, ones which are moving towards more of the things that matter to the service user, leaders need to learn how to interact in the world of new measures as it will predictably take them out of their comfort zone.

As an exemplar of these ideas, leaders are often trying to drive improvement in their staff, given the mentor of the creator of the Lean production methodology, W Edwards Deming’s view was that 95% of the sources of variation are in the system or design of work, with only 5% of the leverage for improvement residing within the individual, the traditional management model simply cannot cope with staff who are very clear on these ideas. So, leadership needs to understand and develop strategies to suit their emerging business design.

To miss out on this course, in an environment where Lean Methodology exists is a huge error. Typically leadership regress to ‘the old ways and old measures’, these lead to the same old decision making actions, and eventually, the business ends up back where it started, funny that.

We highly recommend this course to support any change and improvement activity within your business.