Firstsource asked us to come and help them to improve the performance of one of their key outsourced contracts. The centre had gone through some significant leadership changes and had some legacy performance issues. They also wanted to demonstrate to their client that they had the ability to make significant improvements to their processes and could work collaboratively with them.



After an initial 4 week diagnostic, we delivered a 6 months programme to work with the business to enhance aspects of their delivery. We delivered improvements to their performance management approach, including a bespoke performance management course for all managers. We also helped to uncover the root causes of several costly process failures along with recommendations for implementation of improvements. We also help improve the use of available technology to deliver stronger performance.



Our consultants worked closely with all levels of management throughout the project. Some Team Managers were assigned to work alongside our consultants on specific projects to help develop internal skills and understanding.

We also worked closely with the end-client, ensure a high level of collaboration and support with Firstsource and their client.



We implemented a number of call centre best practices such as Adherence Management, Shrinkage, The Power of One and Whiteboards and Team huddles, We realigned KPI’s across the operation and rolled out an improved approach to Quality Management. We identified systemic process issues with their Pay As You Go product and worked through improvements to reduce failure demand calls.

We also re-worked their MI suite of reports to reduce focus on SLA performance, and increase focus on Quality, Shrinkage and resolutions. We also provided them with a roadmap for change to their self service web portal, having identified all the transactions that currently generate failure into the call centre that could be eliminated with some simple web improvements.

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