In one area of the business , some calls not being answered within service levels leading to an increase in members abandoning their calls. On top of this, members were having to wait up to 6 weeks to be booked in with an appointment in the UK and there was no availability in Ireland. Up to 10% of calls were not being answered at first point of contact



Being a Clinical Function, there was a lack of some of the more Operational Management practices implemented in this environment. This was the root cause of most of the issues. Getting an operationally focused manager in place and working with them to implement some basic planning and measurements was critical to the success of the project.

Getting on the front foot with service delivery was also critical, as the failure to service the business was generating a large number of extra demand, which was exacerbating the performance issues.



We first mapped the end to end customer journey with the stakeholders to establish the pinch points and failure within the process. We helped them with the recruitment of Operational Team Leader and provided coaching support for that manager. This included daily and weekly planning, off phone activity and hot spot management.

We implemented Visual Management Boards to understand daily volumes of members awaiting an appointment and prioritisation of work. We also introduction of Provider Network strategy to increase the number of appointments available and move from phone to email bookings.



As a result of our project, up to 97% of calls being answered by a specialist at first point of contact. Furthermore, the wait times for an appointment reduced from 6 weeks to under 5 days. We also had over 400 Providers contacted to join the network and over 140 meeting our criteria.

Overall, the project was highly successful, bringing performance under control and sustaining it.

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