The business had planned to deliver a significant increase in its sales of Life Assurance, and felt that some challenges with service efficiency needed to be resolved to support this, however it was unsure exactly as to what action to take. The business strategy for growth would be hindered if the mechanism for delivering sales was holding back the business.

The business operationally spanned UK and Ireland, with both areas contributing to delivery of the insurance product. With a new sector leading product just about to launch, the need for fast sustainable change was critical to success.



Lean Consulting took the opportunity to work collaboratively with the Internal Change Team, focussing on transferring our skills and experiential knowledge to the team and their leadership.

It was obvious that using internal resource would keep costs down for our client, whilst our team could deliver high quality solution designs as and when ‘pulled’ from the internal teams.

The entire value stream across the UK and Ireland was mapped in a 2 week process, identifying opportunities to improve service whilst cutting service delivery costs. The internal team learned how to understand what, in the design of work, was creating waste. As the internal team’s confidence grew, their appetite to resolve the work issues increased, we only needed to support them.



By exploring and gaining knowledge of the typical ‘Customer Journey’, we quickly discovered the barriers to work flowing through the business, the barriers to achieving more sales and the reasons for excessively high operating costs.

Careful attention to the existing design of work, the design of IT, and the organisational structure, brought clarity to the scale of the challenge required to make the service Customer focussed and efficient.

Business leaders chose the pace of change and the priority of efforts to compliment their business strategy.



The insight provided by us gave the leadership of the Insurer, clear choice of direction for the new and future product offerings, the Internal Change Team have taken forward the changes to the design of work, aligned to the business plan, and they are equipped to identify ways of improving service whilst reducing costs.

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