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How close are your Employee Engagement and Customer Experience Strategies?

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Double acts have long been part of many peoples lives, from Morecambe & Wise, Penn & Teller or even Cake & Custard. These have each had their own success and in business there are two things that I believe you should look at together. Not as a comedy, magic act or dessert, but, together as one that can deliver you real bottom line results, if taken seriously. This double act is “Employee Engagement” and “Customer Experience”.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Improvement Efforts Fail

Top 3 Reasons Why Improvement Efforts Fail

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Why do attempts to ‘improve’ the design of work in our organisations frequently end badly? I’ve been thinking about this for a while now, and there are a set of common factors that always repeat which lead to the predictable failed outcome of change efforts. These things are not sector specific, instead in Manufacturing and in Service sectors these ‘traits’ will inevitably result in failure for the organisation and the individuals involved in process of change. Read More