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Combat to Epic Fail

Combat to epic fail

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When I was in college, I worked in a pub that served food. Whenever the pub got busy, the quality coming from the kitchen took a steep nosedive; food being overcooked, undercooked, the wrong food being sent and so on, and as a result, many of the customers rejected what they were given. Conservatively, I would say that at peak times as many as half of the dishes that left the kitchen were sent back for one reason or another.

Think about that for a moment: to feed 100 customers, the kitchen might need to produce upwards of 150 plates of food!

This obviously made for some fairly unhappy customers, and it put even more strain on an already stretched kitchen. In this instance, Supply was unable to meet Demand…

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What Brian the taxi driver can teach us about customer experience

What Brian the taxi driver can teach us about customer experience

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 I have been working out in Dublin since early December last year. This means lots of trips to and from the airport. It also means lots and lots of taxis. 

We met Brian one Friday afternoon when we booked a car to take us to the airport to fly home for the weekend and he happened to pick up the job.

Right off the bat, Brian was personable and friendly, really cheerful (which honestly isn’t a given where cabbies are concerned), and his car was immaculate (again, not a given). Brian dropped us off and that was that. 

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Every time i access the NHS it's painful & wasteful

Every time I access the NHS it’s painful & wasteful

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On Tuesday I had a flare up of an ailment I sometime get (once or twice a year) in my foot. A simple medicine takes care of it – but it requires a prescription.

Irritatingly, I went to take my medicine to find I only had 1 or 2 pills left. On Wednesday, I called by doctors surgery to ask if they can give me another prescription for the medicine. They’ve prescribed it before and it’s not a very dangerous class of drug. Read More

Uploaded ToA new low in Customer Service

A new low in Customer Service

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This really happened. My wife wanted to set up postal voting with our local council (I do it as I travel a lot for work – it’s much more convenient). I called up and was told by the Customer Service Advisor:

“We’re really busy at the moment. Could you email us about it in a few months?”

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