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So... what do you do?

So… What do you do?

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In the past 7 years as a Lean Continuous Improvement (CI) practitioner, the most common question I get asked is, “So… What is it you do in your role?”  Usually, in response to this question,  I pause for a moment and tend to describe the technical aspects of my job, whether it be: achieving financial benefits through the delivery of projects, releasing capacity through streamlining processes, describing my role as a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and the list most definitely goes on.  In all cases: I’m often greeted with a blank face, disinterest, statements such as “that sounds complicated” and then the topic of conversation quickly changes to something different and more likely understood by the unaffiliated.

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This 1 thing is the reason why classroom training is so powerful

This 1 thing is the reason why classroom training is so powerful

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Recently at Lean Consulting we’ve developed a new suite of training up to Lean Six Sigma Black Belt level which focuses in on the Service sector application of these methods. During the process of designing this learning and then delivering it I started to think about how the value of shared experience is brought into not just the learning interactions themselves but the day to day development of individuals. I started to think about the question… Read More

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Don’t fear Robots – fear not having Robots

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I talk about Robotic Process Automation with a lot of customers – and one common response I find is that people are a little fearful of robotics.

The biggest fear seems to be about people. The human impact of Robotics. This is perfectly understandable – if robots can replace people – what need will companies have for people in the future?

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Selecting the right process for RPA

Lean and innovation aren’t mutually exclusive

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Lately I’ve been reading posts and articles about how Lean and innovation aren’t compatible. I think I understand where this is coming from, but I think this misunderstands the point a little.

Some people are attempting to ‘be lean’ whilst being innovative. Typically, this means they are trying to keep innovation costs down and eliminate waste from the innovation process.

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