What is Appian?

Appian is an industry leading ‘low-code’ platform that helps businesses to manage their processes, cases and customers more effectively. We’ve had workflow and case management software for decades – but until the new ‘low-code’ tools like Appian and Pega, you had to buy this software from a vendor with whatever functionality and look and feel that it had.

In other words, the software company would design what they thought good workflow and case management looked like – and you had to adjust your processes to fit in with their software.

Or, you bought an off the shelf package and paid lots of money to have it heavily configured.

Or even worse, you built your own system from scratch.

Now, you can buy a platform that allows you to quickly and easily configure the system to do what you want it to do. That’s the power of Appian. And it’s easy to use. Someone can be trained within 2 weeks to be up to speed on how to use their software.

It’s packed with capabilities such as:

  • Case Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Chatbots and virtual assistants
  • AI
  • Integrations with UiPath

We have Appian trained Developers at Lean Consulting. As with all our Automation development, we start by looking at a process with our Lean experts, who ensure we’re taking a customer-led approach and designing processes to be simple, beautiful, error-proof and waste-free.

If you’re thinking of using Appian or you already have the platform but want to develop more processes and better leverage it’s capability, give us a call today.

What do we mean by ‘low code’?

Low code is a relatively new term in the application industry. It generally refers to application that use a simple interface to develop code – rather than having to write the code yourself. What these applications do is they write the code for you. Instead of you learning a programming language, you learn how to use the software and it does the rest.

Learning to use the software is made easier by ‘drag and drop’ visual interfaces. You still have to learn how to use the software, but to become an expert in a platform like Appian is far easier than becoming an expert in .NET or Java.

Not having to write bespoke code to configure your Appian application has other advantages too – it’s far easier to trouble shoot when things aren’t working correctly.

With low code applications you can focus more on the design of the process and getting the right outcomes, faster and easier. You don’t have to write lines and lines of code. Or when you update the code of the software – everything stops working until you figure out why.

It’s simple to integrate with other systems too. Instead of expensive and time consuming complex system integration, Appian lets you connect with systems using API’s. In fact, it already comes with a bunch of custom API’s built in or available in its marketplace.