Business Process Management technology is revolutionising how businesses work. With the growing capabilities of low-code software, or software that writes software, the digitisation of processes in business functions is moving at pace and scale.

Business Process Management or BPM is a well-known methodology to manage processes and workflows in an organisation. This includes Design, Modelling, Implementation, Monitoring and Optimisation. Our in-house experts inject automation to this methodology or what they call Business Process Management Solution; to increase our efficiency, performance, and agility in day-to-day operations.

In an ever complex operational environment, BPM can help you manage, operate and maintain your processes in a single place, with control and speed.

BPM Platforms that we are experts in…

A single platform to manage and operate your processes is vital in an age where we use more and more applications to deliver services to customers

As Lean experts, we understand processes and how complicated they can be as the business develop.

We help organisations to improve agility and perform strong ROI through BPMS or Business Process Management Systems – increasing value across your business.

Our BPM experts can help you to:

  • reduce manual entry
  • improve processing times
  • digitise processes at pace
  • make your organisation more responsive
  • improve control and organisation across different functions

Find out more about Business Process Management Systems (BPM)

What is Business Process Management or BPM?
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What is Appian?
What are the benefits of BPM?

Our approach to developing Business Process Management (BPM) solutions


We help to define your existing business processes and then design a solution within the BPM platform. This design includes workflows, business rules, roles, notifications, escalations, SLAs and task management to make sure that the process is fit for purpose for your operations.


Once we have the basis of a design, we model how this would work within your existing framework and operational structure


Our developers implement the business model and logic into the BPM platform. Because we're Lean by nature, we build in short sprints, creating minimum viable products for release as fast as possible


We monitor the performance of each BPM process we've created to ensure they are working effectively and as the business intended. We analyse data on performance to help improve future versions of the process.


The analysed data we collect determine how well the process performs in real business conditions. We use this data to drive continuous improvement within our BPM processes to ensure that we are responding rapidly to changing needs from both the customer and the business, simplifying the experience where possible and removing friction.

The team are very easy to work with and all have credibility and an engaging style. I've really enjoyed working with the team.

Program Manager, Medical Services

I really enjoyed the session. It has given me a lot to think about with my coaching and a great new angle to approach performance. I would, in fact, say that I found it fascinating that we are able to look at our calls in that amount of detail.

Team Leader, Call Centre, Financial Services

The consultant has been excellent throughout the time he has worked with my team. Together, we have driven change and broken down barriers throughout the company, and this has returned great results over the last year.

Service Team Manager, Medical Services

The Lean Training course was great and I've come away from that with lots of energy and passion. I'm now looking forward to applying this to my work.

Fraud Controls Consultant, Financial Services

I feel LEAN is really valuable to any organisation and can give a fresh perspective to business processes that support the reduction in failure demand whilst balancing the needs of the customer and business.

Customer Service Manager, Medical Services