Business Process Management or BPM tools are software that helps organisations manage, execute and analyse processes.

Organisations have become increasingly complex with more and more applications and departments involved in fulfilling a process. Even if you don’t have a BPM solution, you are currently fulfilling these processes. A piece of work comes in – might be through email, or a paper application or a new piece of work appears on a work queue for the application that manages that work. If you have a colleague or team who completes that workpiece of work from end to end – then you might wonder what value a BPM tool can bring.

But today, it’s more and more common that multiple people from multiple teams will need to complete that work. They’ll use multiple systems and many interacts with the customer across multiple channels. And this is where a good BPM tool earns its place in your organisation.

Put simply, a robust BPM solution will help you with your:


Many organisations are using old technology to try and manage this, often using a suite of tools to cobble together a single solution. But there is a better way.