Bespoke Training

Many of our clients want some training that is unique to them. More than just branded – something that is steeped in the values of their organisation or speaks to the unique challenges that the organisation is trying to overcome.

With our bespoke course creation, you can choose to own the IP afterwards – in which case we’ll provide ‘train the trainer’ training for you.

Or we can become your training delivery partner and deliver the bespoke course for you at a lower cost per course.

We can even have our bespoke courses external accredited for you – we’ve successfully accredited our training against many different external benchmarks such as the Lean Competency System (LCS), ISO standards and Contiguous Professional Development Standards (CPD).

Bespoke Training
sometimes you don’t want an off the shelf solution. You want some unique to your organisation’s needs

Own the Intellectual property
when we create training, we provide you with the IP so you can deliver the training yourself if required

Train the Trainer provided
if you do want to deliver the material yurself, we’ll happily train your trainers in the content

External Accreditation
some of our clients required that we have our training externally accredited and benchmarked

Tailored to your organisation
your organisations values and needs are a key focus when building your training programme

Online, classroom or hybrid
we can deliver training for any delivery method or platform



Aligned to ISO 13053 Quantitative methods in process improvement – six sigma standard

Lean Training Certified


Boost your professional development and increase your earning potential with a recognised Lean Six Sigma certification

Project Completion


Use your newly found Lean Six Sigma skills to complete improvement project and increase customer satisfaction


Lean Six Sigma

This is all our experts do – and they practise it for a living. You’ll get to learn from the best in the industry

Lean Training Certified


Receive a Certificate – Practice what you learn

lean Templates


All our courses come complete with a suite of templates that you can use after the course

Brakes Case Study

Delivering Bespoke Course at Brakes

Brakes were engaged with Lean Consulting to correct issues first time upon diagnosing instead of a momentary solution.

Lean Consulting put together a Bespoke Course consisting of 8 Waste Analysis, Value Stream Mapping, Root Cause Analysis, FMEA and Generating Solutions Techniques. In collaboration with Brakes’ key colleagues, the courses were delivered in a way more relatable to the business needs using real business examples.

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