Bespoke Courses

Sometimes, you’d a like a training course designed and delivered but don’t have the time to do it justice.

We’ve developed lots of different courses for our clients over the years. From bespoke Performance Management courses to Process Ownership courses to full Lean Six Sigma training programmes. We’ve even created bespoke online courses for clients.

The best thing about our Bespoke courses is that you are given full rights to the IP so that you can run your courses without having to rely solely on us to deliver them – but we’re happy to deliver them for as long as your need. We can even train your trainers in how to deliver our bespoke courses.

And sometimes, we are asked to facilitate training that our clients have developed. And that’s ok too – particularly if you require skilled lean six sigma experts to deliver your content to a large audience, but don’t have the resource bandwidth. We’re here to help.


We offer fully bespoke courses for clients from various industries. From developing a training course for an in-house approach to Process Ownership through to a full dedicated suite of Lean Six Sigma Training. We’ve helped clients create their own training programmes, that are unique to their brand, culture and approach yet retain the industry-leading methods for training core Lean Six Sigma concepts.